WXR is partnering with SiWC for 2020!

What is WXR at SiWC?

Join WXR for pre-conference social events, writing dates and Q&As before SiWC. At SiWC, some WXR faculty will offer master classes on the Wednesday and Thursday. Then Friday to Sunday, it's full-on SiWC conference time: multiple workshops a day, social opportunities, keynotes, and social events, including with WXR faculty.

Why join?

Connect with the Writing Excuses found-family. Attend master classes and workshops offered by WXR faculty. Immerse yourself in the incredible learning opportunities and rich knowledge of Surrey International Writer's Conference. Join us October 23-25 with master classes on the 21st and 22nd.


To participate in WXR at SiWC events in the week leading up to SiWC, you must register for SiWC. One registration, LOTS of great content.