Winners of the 2022 Writing Excuses Workshop and Retreat scholarships have been selected!

The application process was conducted in a compressed timeline this year, in which applicants prepared and sent us their submissions digitally, including writing samples, letters of recommendation, and a personal essay. Applications were carefully reviewed in a two-phase assessment with care taken to ensure reviews are conducted without potential conflicts of interest.

All of the applications were great and we appreciate the time and effort that went into them! After careful consideration, we have our scholarship winners:

The 2022 Out of Excuses Scholarship to Capitol Reef:

Peter Miksa Pribus

The 2022 Carl Brandon Scholarship to Capitol Reef:

Kyla Grant

The 2022 Out of Excuses Scholarships on Caribbean Cruise:

Kira Neu

John Mabey

The 2022 Carl Brandon Scholarship on Caribbean Cruise:

Sophia Babai

Alexander G. Grigg

Huge congratulations to our scholarship attendees and a massive thank you to all of the applicants. You are amazing and we wish you all the absolute best of luck in your writing endeavors.


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